Blog Consultancy

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Do you want to start blogging but don’t know where to start? Want to get your blog spot on? You’re not attracting enough readers? Concerned about design or layout? Burdened with little blogging frustrations that nobody can answer? I CAN HELP YOU!

Combining my knowledge in Marketing (I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Specialty) and my blogging experience I can give you an honest feedback and support to make your blog grow.


  • Blog design in general: header size, color scheme, background
  • Blog layout
  • Content layout 
  • Sidebar content 
  • Subscriber placement
  • Social media buttons  placement 
  • Page loading time
  • Accessibility

After receiving your payment I’ll go to your blog to analyze the features mentioned above, I’ll then send you some feedback (email) . In this package you have the right to send me an email with all your questions (keep in mind it’s only one email, so make sure to include ALL your questions) then I’ll reply with the “follow up” email responding to all your questions.


This Package includes the Scanning Critique PLUS:

  • Determine the obstacles you might be experiencing
  • Formulate a plan to overcome them
  • Re-establishing goals and vision for your blog
  • Guide to Monetizing (if desired)
  • Social Media Analysis (Determine the usage of your current media site) and formulating strategies to optimize it.
  • PDF Resource to remind you the principles we worked on

After sending you the feedback or critique, you have the right to receive 6 more follow up emails answering all your questions.


If after the consultation you consider doing some changes design wise. You’ll receive 25% discount over any Item.


PDF Guide for optimization of features on the BLOG SCANNING CRITIQUE  


Neither the consultations nor critiques are a guarantee of any particular results. They are only guidelines that will help you to direct you in the right direction, but ultimately, the work and decisions depend totally on you.

For more information email: